Ham Radio for Arduino and Picaxe (c) 2013 ARRL

References and Further Reading


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I recommend buying from a vendor or designer who gives back to the open hardware community, for example one who contributes or otherwise supports new designs, tutorials, or libraries.

You can save money by buying commodity items such as wire and perfboard or prototyping boards in quantity from inexpensive direct online importers, but use caution when buying more complex or creative boards and kits. While you may also find vendors who have cheaper prices on clones of the same Arduino shields or breakout boards (in many cases they may be, strictly speaking, legally copied), if the vendor has done nothing other than copy a design and undercut the price of the designer, you might think twice about whether saving a dollar or two is worth the price to the community.

Below is an alphabetized list of some of suppliers I have used while writing this book. There are many vendors not listed, simply I haven’t been able to list the possible choices of great suppliers. During the writing of this book I found that these vendors are the ones I returned to again and again. You may already have favorite suppliers for your ham radio parts, and if they carry the parts you need for projects in this book, by all means please do order from them.

See also the Appendix Arduino Hardware Choices, and the References sections of the individual projects in this book for more ideas.