OSM Tile Generator for Marinus

Leigh, WA5ZNU

This page is generates Open Street Map tiles to download for use with the Arduino Marinus APRS Project from the ARRL book Ham Radio for Arduino and Picaxe.
The source code for the Map generator is available.


  1. Type in the 10-digit grid square for the map center.
  2. Download the Zip file and unzip it to the top level of your SD card.

If you don't know your 10-digit grid square:

  1. Visit ES1PUMP's Google Maps-based site at http://no.nonsense.ee/qthmap/
  2. Zoom in until you can see individual houses or structures
  3. Click to get a 10-character grid square.




  • ? meters per pixel.
  • Each LCD screen is ? meters x ? meters.
  • All ?x? screens together cover ? km x ? km.

Download Software